Hopmon Bounce

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* Simple tap controls
* Play as up to 10 unique Hopmon with varying play styles
* 5 Boss Stages
* 5 Biomes with an array of Hopmon
* Endless Scrolling Action
* Compete on the leaderboards
* Earn Achievements and keep track of your stats to compare with friends

Contains in game currency which can be brought to unlock and upgrade Hopmon. Purchases in game support me the developer to continue making fun games. I'm a solo developer and hope to create more fun for players.

Tap on the left or right of the screen to bounce in that direction

Land on platforms to restore your jumps

Hit the top of other monsters to defeat them and fill your special attack charge

Tap on the special attack when its charged to activate it tap again where you want to use it.

For PC
use the left and right arrows to bounce
Click the power icon to use it click again for where to release it



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